How to record a YouTube video easily

How to record a YouTube video easily ?

Today, stream ripping is more and more widespread throughout the world. This practice consists of recording videos from a streaming platform that does not offer a “download” function. Due to the popularity of streaming, capture techniques have multiplied rapidly in recent years. You thus have a wide choice of solutions to download on YouTube.

Recording a YouTube video: is it possible? ?

It is technically possible to record a YouTube video. Moreover, you have access to a myriad of methods to perform this operation. The legal of this practice is however questionable.

Besides, you are only supposed to stream public content. So, you should rather ask yourself: is it legal to download a video from YouTube ? Is this even allowed? ?

In its conditions of use, YouTube formally prohibits consumption on the site. You are therefore not allowed to download or republish the content visible on the platform. Indeed, you agree to the terms of the TOS by using the Google service. In detail, videos should not be :

  • Reproduced ;
  • Downloaded ;
  • Distributed ;
  • Transmitted;
  • Released ;
  • Posted ;
  • Sold ;
  • Altered ;
  • Edited ;
  • Licensed.

You can If you want to deviate from this rule, the easiest way is to use thes rules, with a authorization of the site or copyright holders. Downloading is not allowed though. In the practical, YouTube is not very strict in relation to the conditions set, as long as the use remains personal.

However, the platform uses account banning as a deterrent to registering content.

Even the law doesn’t really forbid ripping YouTube videos. The act itself is not illegal and is part of the “authorized personal uses. On the other hand, you are required to respect the principles of intellectual property and copyright.

You can’t record copyrighted videos and go beyond private use.

In other words, thecommercial use of the contents is illegal and liable to criminal penalties. The same is true for other non-personal uses such as sharing on social networks, public broadcasting, etc. In these different cases, you must first contact the owners of the work to regularize your situation.

However, these scenarios are generally excluded for simple users.

Within the limits of current legislation, you can download YouTube videos using three techniques:

  • Downloading software or video capture software;
  • Web browser extensions;
  • Internet sites dedicated to online video recording.

However, the first two solutions can expose to malicious codes, Trojans, hackers, etc. Thus, Internet users often prefer the many YouTube capture sites available on the Web.

Record a YouTube video: is it possible?

How to save YouTube videos on my computer ?

It is quite It is reasonable to be wary of an unknown program presented as an excellent YouTube Downloader on the Internet. Sometimes you think you’re downloading the software, but you’re actually exposing yourself to cyber threats. However, this solution is still an option.

In addition, you probably have a suitable software program at hand.

You can save a YouTube video with VLC Media Player. The media player natively integrates this feature, although it is not well known. To use it, you must first go to YouTube and copy the URL of your target video. Next:

  • Launch the VLC software;
  • Open the menu Media at the top left of the player;
  • Click on Open a network stream ;
  • In the section Network, Enter the URL of the content to be downloaded;
  • Press the button Read at the bottom of the window ;
  • Scroll down the menu Tools between Subtitles and View ;
  • Click on Information On the media ;
  • Copy the URL displayed at the bottom, in Location ;
  • Switch to your browser and insert the URL in a new tab ;
  • Perform a right click directly on the video ;
  • Choose the option Save the video as ;
  • Specify the destination folder for the downloaded file;
  • Finalize the operation by clicking on Register.

Your favorite video will be recorded by default in MP4 format. Nevertheless, you can customize the output format by arrow to the right of Read, then on Convert. You will have the choice between a multitude of video and audio formats in the Profile field (MP3, OGG, FLAC, DivX, WMA, etc.).

You should obviously make this setting before starting the download.

If you prefer services in theThe easiest way to do this is to click on SaveFromNet. The platform offers various access points to enjoy its features. Here is the fastest technique:

  • Go to YouTube ;
  • Search and choose the clip or other content to download ;
  • Once on the playback page, place the cursor on the URL of the video;
  • Select and delete the part before the domain name ;
  • Replace ” https://www. “by “ss to be redirected to savefromnet ;
  • On the site, customize the format to start downloading.

You will also be automatically redirected to the online video downloader by adding “” or “” before the target URL. You will have “ “ or “ com “. All that remains is to choose the desired output format.

Video quality will depend fundamentally on the starting format. Nevertheless, the platform supports up to 4K.

How to save YouTube videos on my computer?

How to save a YouTube video on my phone ?

The Google platform itself offers a functionality to record a YouTube video on a phone. You will be able to download directly from the site by pressing the button provided for this purpose. However, this option is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The package also includes various exclusive services to enjoy the benefits of connected objects.

The Premium users have the possibility to download all videos from YouTube. This operation can be performed from a smartphone, a tablet, iPhone or iPad. Only the display differs slightly between an Android and iOS device.

In any case, just look for the download button on the online video player. If you are a Premium subscriber:

  • Open the YouTube application;
  • Find and select the video you want to save ;
  • Click on the button Download integrated into the player;
  • In the pop-up window, choose the video quality to start the download process.

1080p is the best quality possible with this feature for now. Moreover, the content will only be available to 30 days. After that, you will not be able to watch the video. You are nevertheless authorized to download the same video file several times.

On the whole, the necessary steps are similar on iOs and Android.

On the web, there are also a lot of other solutionsthird-party applications provide this premium feature to the general public. TubeMate and NewPipe are among the most popular tools because of their similarity to the YouTube app. However, you will need to download a APK file to use these solutions. You will also have to turn to alternative download sites.

However, these practices are far from safe.

Choose the most popular applications to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Also, choose trusted platforms for downloading. Feel free to browse the news feeds and forums for recommendations. Finally, avoid linking these apps with your YouTube account.

The platform risks banning you for violating the terms and conditions of use.