When simple construction materials become technical and change everything

When simple construction materials become technical and change everything

A home or a professional building contains heaps of materials to complete real estate constructions and provide an irreproachable quality of finish. For decades, materials have played their role and are very useful in construction. Despite everything, the various technical advances come to give new qualities to these basic materials and greatly improve the constructions.

Dry finishing: plasterboard, l’most glaring example

Indeed, taking basic materials such as plasterboard: few people could s’imagine that’they can do something other than finish finishing a work of construction (which’it is professional or for individuals). Yet d’simple in appearance, the very latest generations of plasterboard provide valuable added value, thanks to research and development that transforms classic products into technical products.

A plasterboard can therefore have a technical added value, to respond very precisely to specific constraints for the construction of ceilings, partitions and building linings:

  • Standard plasterboards, which do not require’specific use, but which plays its role of completion in a conventional way.
  • Fireproof plasterboard, capable of withstanding up to’at 1000°C to complete fireplaces, passages of pellet stoves, wood and secure the hearth.
  • Water-repellent plasterboards, weather-resistant plasterboards’moisture, ideal for’elaboration of’a piece of’water like a bathroom and which is also flame retardant.
  • Purifying plasterboards, highly technical, these boards absorb harmful substances such as VOCs, formaldehydes, chemical components (contained in paints, new furniture, etc.) and can also go into certain damp rooms.
  • Shockproof plasterboard, these cross plates have the particularity of resisting shocks as well as’to heavy load constraints, such as hanging a television on a wall.
  • Acoustic plasterboards, which will soundproof places where calm is greatly favored, such as an office or a bedroom, thanks to their thickness.

D’elsewhere, the manufacturer Gyproc offers a whole bunch of solutions and plasterboards of this kind, finishing and jointing products, d’insulation and good d’other technical solutions. Who transforms basic products into highly technical products for construction.

These new generation materials can therefore bring a significant plus to a place where a special function to combine finishing and specific needs. Thanks to these two-in-one specificities, this type of finishing material will make it possible to’optimize time and budget while amortizing your investment.

When research and development transform simple materials into technical materials

Material manufacturers l’understood: to be able to stand out, to be’all the more taken for essential specialists in solutions for the construction and better sell. Embarking on research and development projects for technical products was the’one of the keys to successfully developing differentiating products.

Once the products were made available: Craftsmen, professionals and individuals were immediately enthusiastic, understanding the’interest that’they had to favor some specific materials. Even with a slightly higher price positioning, the advantages of unique products have made all the difference in new constructions and renovations.

D’elsewhere, homes built with high value-added products have been able to hold their own (better resistance to stress, more efficient aging and maintenance) compared to those equipped with conventional products.

I’Another possibility for combining average prices, technical specificities and benefits was to mount equipment equipped with’trumps in some specific rooms and not in a complete building. By taking into account the functionalities and needs of certain living rooms or professional places, to simply equip these places with special materials.

Research and development have therefore been able to make things easier, offer new qualities to materials / equipment that were already of good quality and at the same time, revive an entire construction market thanks to their technical offers.

Simple building materials transformed into technical materials can change everything and bring real pluses to a particular and professional property.