How to choose your charger and external battery to avoid dry runs

How to choose your charger and external battery to avoid dry runs ?

Despite technological advances, smartphones are still a bit fragile in terms of battery life, as they do not last for days. C’That’s why it’s important to choose your charger and battery backup properly, in case of a power outage’emergency. However, you can’t charge your phone with a t-shirt’s billing address provided by the owner of any shipper, at the risk of the shipper’ruin the battery.

Which charger for your smartphone ?

It is obvious that to charge your smartphone, it is not possible to use a battery’There’s nothing like the airplane charger’origin. However, you may find that the battery is not always available’have broken. Of course, you can use any phone you want’It can be used with any charger, as long as it’s not too expensive’it is compatible with your device, but that’it is also compliant with the standards.

Of course, it is important to know how to charge your phone quickly to avoid running out of power. For this, there are various solutions:
– Do not charge your phone on the USB port of computers: charging your smartphone on your computer will not damage your battery. However, this method does not’It is not as effective as the original one’It is not possible to charge them on a traditional socket because the current provided by the PC is low.
– Use high-amperage chargers: if you have an old charger, you can put it aside. In fact, older models generally provide 1A of power’amperage while’There are many of them’others that go as far as’it has a 2,4A capacity (on each port) and allows a fast charge.
– Turning on airplane mode: taking your smartphone offline is a great way to speed up your phone’s charge. Indeed, without connection to the network, your device will draw less in its resources and will be able to recharge quickly.

Why use an external battery ?

The external battery or power bank is a backup battery. C’is actually a portable power bank that allows you to recharge your mobile devices without using an electrical outlet. On the’In today’s world, payment methods in companies are generally used because smartphones and tablets are quickly discharged, and because the cost of charging them is higher than the cost of charging them from a conventional socket’on n’s not always accessible to the public’electricity in certain situations. Despite the technological advances, these devices are very efficient but the battery does not hold the charge. Thus, it is important to be able to maintain its battery and avoid dry runs.

A power bank is therefore used on long train or plane journeys, in public transport, during walks or hikes, but also during shopping, for example.

How to choose your external battery ?

To choose your power bank, it is important to know your needs and to find a device that meets them. There are three criteria for choosing your external battery:
– your device to charge: the greater the capacity of the internal battery of your smartphone, the more powerful your power bank will have to be
– l’s autonomy: if you need to recharge your phone, you need to choose a charger’If you don’t have enough battery power at the end of the day, you don’t need to use it’If you need to recharge your phone three or four times a day, you will have to choose a different model
– the look: of course, this point comes last but it is still important