Tutorial how to transform your SIM card into micro sim or nano sim

[Tutorial] How to transform your SIM card into micro Sim or Nano Sim ?

You may have already changed your phone while keeping your old SIM card and ending up with an unsuitable SIM card. SIM card, micro sim, nano sim as many different dimensions as our smartphones n’not always accept. It is therefore sometimes necessary to tinker a little to adapt your old SIM card to your new phone.

The SIM card that is what ?

The SIM card means subcript Identity Module, C’is a chip that contains a microcontroller as well as memory. VS’is a bit like the chip’a credit card. The SIM card is inserted in smartphones, tablets, connected watches in order to’obtain a telephone connection to telephone or navigate the internet.

On the chip of the SIM card is present all the information of the’telephone operator allowing’ID’User on L’mobile device. It is therefore possible to connect to the various communication networks such as GSM, UMTS and LTE. On the SIM card is also stored information such as the directory of’Subscribe with different contacts and corresponding phones numbers.

The different SIM card formats ?

There are mainly four SIM card formats, three of which are commonly used. The dimensions below will be in the’decreasing order of the largest sim card with the smallest SIM card.

  • The so -called “full size” sim card, c’is the credit card format, which resembles old telephone cards used in telephone booths. This format n’is more used because of its binding dimensions:
    Length: 85.60 mm, width: 53.98 mm, thickness: 0.76 mm.
  • The so -called standard sim card, that the’we find under the name Mini Sim, c’is the most used format for mobile devices Its dimensions are:
    Length: 25.00 mm, width: 15.00 mm, thickness: 0.76 mm.
  • The micro SIM card began to be marketed in the 2000s in Japan. This format is retrocompatible with the SIM card, C’That is to say that the’We can reuse the micro SIM on a phone suitable for a mini SIM, using an adapter. The micro SIM has been developed to allow miniaturization of mobile devices. VS’is in 2010 that this format was widely developed by Apple. The dimensions of the micro sim card are:
    Length: 15.00 mm, width: 12.00 mm, thickness: 0.76 mm.
  • The very last is the nano sim which was subjected by Apple to further reduce the size the devices. The Nano SIM card is intended to be reduced by 30 %, its dimensions are: length 12.30 mm, width 8.80 mm, thickness: 0.67 mm.

Advice before you start cutting your SIM or micro SIM card

You must be aware of the risks you will take if you make a mistake when cutting your SIM card. The editor of L’article cannot be held responsible for material damage related to the’use of L’article. Because, the SIM card may not be usable, if you attack the microcontroller. For more security you can find template on the internet to print that you can cut.

With this template you can draw your cutting plan on your mini sim card. This will allow’have l’guidance of cutting to minimize the risk of’Error, which remember it will be fatal to your SIM card.

Why adapt a SIM card to a micro sim card yourself?

When’We change mobile we can end up with a SIM card (called mini sim) which does not’Not adapting in its new device. If you want to reduce the size of the SIM card and go to a micro SIM, there is a solution that you can follow. This solution will allow you not to wait for the change of SIM card, you will be able to do it quickly from home.

And then, when the’We go to a store with a telephone operator, we often have to wait a long time before seeing an advisor.

The transformation of’A micro SIM SIM card is to use a chisel to cut the SIM card. I’Objective is to cut only the plastic part that surrounds the SIM card, you must absolutely not touch the chip otherwise you might no longer be able to use it. So you have to be very careful about what you do.

Perfectly respect the dimensions of’A micro SIM card, so that your card easily enters your phone.

Let us recall the dimensions of the micro sim card so as not to make’error :

  • Length: 15.00 m.
  • Width: 12.00 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.76 mm.

How to transform a SIM card into a nano sim card ?

The principle of transformation of’A mini sim card in nano sim remains the same. By cons l’Thickness of the two cards n’is not the same. Your mobile may’does not accept the future nano sim card cut by you.
Let us recall the dimensions of the Nano Sim card so as not to make’error :