The best iPhone protections for those who are always on the go

The best iPhone protections for those who are always on the go

I’purchase of’a new phone is an exciting experience, especially if you invest in a high-end smartphone d’a famous brand like Apple. Beautiful design, new features: the new owners of’iPhone are still very happy to enjoy’an aesthetic device. However, this experience will be short-lived if you don’t take the necessary steps to keep your phone safe, especially if you’re constantly on the go. Indeed, a sudden drop on the pavement and you can see your new iPhone totally damaged or cracked, which can be irritating and very unpleasant.

To avoid d’come to this,’ideal is to protect your phone well and make arrangements.

Get a sturdy case to protect your iPhone

Like most smartphones, the slightest shock can be’prove fatal for your iPhone. One push on the phone in a bag or in your pocket, a hard drop on the floor and you can say goodbye to your investment. In the best case, you will be able to consider a repair, but the fact remains that the’aesthetic appearance of your device will never be the same.

Likewise, an unprotected device is prone to scratches, which can leave a permanent mark.

If you just got the latest model of’iPhone or if you plan to’purchase, we recommend that you equip yourself with’a case for your iPhone 14 that guarantees the protection of’device. For this purpose, you have the choice between different models.

A slim case for your iPhone 14

By going to a site specializing in the sale of’accessories’iPhone, you can get a slim case for your new iPhone 14. Characterized by a thickness of 0.33 mm, This case protects your phone from’wear, scratches, but also light falls, all this while preserving the design of the’device. VS’is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to take advantage of the thinness and lightness of their iPhone 14.

Whether you have the Plus, Pro or Pro max version, you will find a case model that matches your smartphone.

The transparent case for your iPhone 14

For users who want the color of their phone to be visible, a transparent case is more appropriate. This type of case for iPhone 14 highlights the color and the chassis of the’device. In d’other words, the design remains perfectly visible.

The antichoc shell for optimal protection of your iPhone 14

Anti-shock shells allow’absorb the shocks undergone l’device in the event of a fall. Depending on the type of shock shell you get, your phone remains protected, even in the event of a fall of 2.5 meters in height. This type of shell offers excellent protection to your phone during travel where shocks are almost inevitable.

For better efficiency, prefer a shell having been tested.

Silicone shell

If your wish is D’Ensure protection of your device without going from its finesse, the silicone shell for iPhone 14 is clearly The ideal choice. Indeed, this shell is space -saving and perfectly designed to absorb shocks.

Invest in a good protector’iPhone screen

Although resistant, L’your iphone screen may s’damage after suffering a shock, no matter what. The risk of scratches is also high when this part of the phone is poorly protected, which therefore makes it unattractive. The best way to protect the’screen of your phone is to get yourself a Apple brand screen protector.

As with the case, there are several types of iPhone screen protectors.

The protector of’tempered glass screen

The protector of’tempered glass screen is definitely l’one of the best solutions to protect your phone while traveling. On the market, this model of protector of’screen is known to be the most effective. He protects your screen against scratches and dust.

In addition to’be easy to clean, the tempered glass protector provides edge-to-edge protection. The oleophobic coating is nice and prevents fingerprints’encrust.

TPU plastic protector

If the TPU plastic protector is one of the protector models’most used screen, it is less effective than tempered glass. Like the name L’Indicate, L’accessory is designed in plastic. It is less expensive and has a very short lifespan. Its surface displays stripes after some time d’use.

In the event of a light fall, It protects L’phone screen. On the other hand, if the shock is violent, it is very possible that your screen will be affected.

The anti -reflective film

This protection of’iPhone screen is designed in tempered glass and has a number of’Additional advantages. I’accessory has’A special coating which, in addition to prevent UV rays, avoids dazzles caused by sunlight. VS’is l’one of the accessories par excellence for people who move around a lot or whose job involves working indoors’outdoors where they regularly use their phones.

iPhone 14 screen protector

The protector of’apple privacy screen

If you want prevent people near you from reading your screen, opt for the protector’privacy screen offered by the Apple brand. Indeed, with such protection, even close to you, no one will be able to see what is displayed on your screen. Seen in profile, the content of the’screen is completely black.

The advantages of’protection from’screen for iphone

Whatever the model of’iPhone you use, you must bring’protection from’screen. I’accessory protects this part of your smartphone from any type of’wear. It also protects your screen against drops, against glare, but also against’appearance of fingerprints on the’screen.

A protector of’iPhone screen is also recommended to protect the privacy of the’user.

Other iPhone protections

S’equip d’a shell and’a protector of’screen for your iPhone is crucial, but there are’other provisions not to be overlooked.

Keep a charger on you at all times

If you are constantly on the move, it is obvious that’at one point or another you will face a battery problem. VS’is an unpleasant situation, especially if you have to communicate urgently. To avoid this, you should keep in your bag or in your vehicle a charger.

So, if necessary, you can easily recharge the battery.

For more practicality, we recommend the 3-in-1 travel charger offered by Apple which allows you to charge your phone, but also your Air Pod and your Apple Watch without constraint. Single d’use, just put the’device on the charger as indicated by the brand to start the charging process. VS’is a convenient solution for travelers.

Make sure your data is backed up regularly

Many people misplace their phones while shopping’a travel. A moment of’inattention and your iPhone falls out of your bag without you realizing it. Likewise, it is possible to’forget in a taxi, in the’airplane or train. In any case, the loss of’a telephone implies the loss of the’all of your data, holiday photos, videos, professional data, etc.

To prevent this from happening, the’ideal is to make a backup regularly. Thus, in the event of loss or theft, you just have to log in to your iCloud account to recover all of your personal data.

Download important files to your computer

If you have important data on your smartphone, we advise you to keep them on your computer. Thus, in case of loss or theft of your iPhone, you will be sure of’have your files safe. Also, in case of loss, you will necessarily have to buy a new iPhone before you can recover the saved data, which could be a problem if you need’an emergency file during your trip.

By downloading the most important files to your computer, you can avoid this kind of situation.

Protect your iPhone privacy with a passcode

Your phone probably contains data that malicious people can use to steal your identity. During your travels, you could be the victim of’flight. To prevent this personal information about you or your loved ones from ending up in the wrong hands, the solution is to protect the privacy of the phone with a code.

Similarly, if you work for a large corporation, you may be targeted, perhaps to steal important company information’company that would be stored on your device. In this case, locking your phone with a code is’a great importance. YOU avoid theft’information that could harm your business.

You’will have understood, protecting your iPhone is D’of paramount importance. As we’explained, first of all get a case that will protect the phone from any wear or shock in the event of a fall. Also think about the protection of your screen without forgetting the other measures to take.