Power and impact of giveaways on customers and consumers

The power and the impact of giveaways on customers and consumers

Promotional gifts are a communication channel constant between a company and its consumers, c’is a fact that the word "gift" or "free" attracts the’consumer attention when’a trade fair,’at a trade show or in a shopping center. I’promotional items industry is the’one of the most avant-garde and versatile which, in addition to giving a good image to the’company are a form of free advertising.

Brand positioning in the market.

Promotional items work great as part of a’A project d’business global, to bear the logo of’a company are very useful tools for positioning the brand in an increasingly competitive market, because the consumer or potential customer is given the memory of the’company that gave him a useful or pleasant gift.

Boost sales

THE promotional gifts also serve to stimulate sales of’a product that is about to’to be placed on the market, which will undergo changes in its presentation or which stagnates in the vineyard. For example, offering a larger or more attractive gift in exchange for’a series of coupons’purchase or’an accumulation of barcodes for the product in question is usually very effective because’it motivates the desire to’consumer purchase. An example of this are toys that offer a certain brand of baby diapers.

Promotional campaigns

For a promotional campaign at trade fairs, promotional items should not be missing. Anyone who walks past a stand becomes a potential customer. Offer brochures’information n’isn't always a good idea because a lot of people throw them away without reading them, or even s’they read them they forget the name of the’company and the contact form.

A good option is to’offer small promotional gifts such as pens, folders or notebooks personalized with the logo of the’company and which will be useful to potential customers by facilitating the memory of your company.

Public relations

THE business-to-business relationships are very important for motivating competitiveness, encouraging partnerships, sharing publicity or simply rewarding the companies you supply. This type of business-to-business cooperation is widespread among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Promotional gifts between companies allow to preserve alliances, to thank the preference of the customers and a good management of the’corporate picture. Promotional catalogs have many options for this type of gifts such as desk clocks, card holders, pens, mugs, USB memories, mouse pads, etc.

All personalized with the logo of the’business.

internal communication in the’business

Within companies, it is very common to set up point programs or incentives to boost worker productivity or reward their efforts. For example, in sales, it's common for senior executives to be awarded options based on the amount of profit they make’they sell, which motivates the seller to make a greater effort to sell more and give more profit to the’business. It should be noted that the incentives must have a value equivalent to the’employee effort.

D’the other hand, the promotional items with the logo of the’company within it gives a touch of professionalism to their workers, c’i.e., their employees have pens, folders, decals for cars, mugs, mouse pads, USB memorabilia, etc. with the personal logo will give a good image to clients and potential clients who come to request their services or to request reports from a company.

How to choose the gift voucher

I’promotional articles industry is very avant-garde because you can find exactly what’There is again on the market at a very low cost. For example, lines D’Ecological promotional articles, USB memories and other IT articles, ecological pens, etc. This industry is versatile because almost all gifts can be personalized with logos and contact information.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can find the good gifts and you can choose them according to your business or the services that’it offers. You will find catalogs of gifts for children, office, beauty, house, personal hygiene, bags, backpacks, cups, t-shirts, etc.

NOT’Don't forget that L’your company's image will depend to a large extent on the giveaway you choose.