How to create a Twitter account without a phone number

How to create a Twitter account without a phone number ?

You are supposed to provide your phone number to register on Twitter. However, the platform offers alternative solutions, if you do not want to communicate this personal information. In addition, you can choose between several options to authenticate yourself.

You can link your profile to other accounts (Apple or Google) or use a temporary number.

Why does Twitter ask me for my phone number ?

Twitter asks for a phone number upon registration to distinguish humans from bots and malware. This information allows to reach you on another channel and to filter the automated tools. Therefore, you can also confirm your identity with an email address.

It is also possible to create an anonymous Twitter account by giving an email and a nickname.

According to the site’s team, the phone number is particularly useful for managing any changes in account behavior. The same applies to email, if you have chosen this option. In concrete terms, you will be contacted by SMS or email in case of unusual activities on your profile.

It may be the work of a bot, a virus or a hacker.

In any case, Twitter will automatically lock accounts that exhibit suspicious behavior. The platform will keep the profile blocked while waiting for your authentication through the second channel indicated. To solve the problem, you will need to enter the secret code you received in your email box or on your cell phone.

You can also identify yourself with a URL link embedded in the alert message.

Sign up with Google or Apple

You can join Twitter using your Apple or Google account. However, these two methods are only available on the Web for the moment. The platform promises to extend this feature to Android and iOS apps in the future. To sign up with Google :

  • Go to the twitter ;
  • Click on the Continue with Google option;
  • Select an account in the pop-up window displayed ;
  • If you don’t see your account in the list, press Use another account ;
  • In Customize your experience, set your profile to detect Twitter content on the web;
  • Validate by pressing Next ;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to further customize your account.

The procedure is quite similar if you prefer to sign up using an Apple account. To do so:

  • Open the twitter ;
  • Choose Continue with Apple ;
  • The site will display a pop-up window to Create your account ;
  • Enter your Apple ID and password;
  • Personalize the user experience by following the Twitter content on the Internet;
  • Press Next, then continue to customize your profile settings.

Note that if you provide your email address, Twitter will use it to send your profile information. In addition to security notifications, this channel will send messages to reset your password.

Use a temporary number to receive the code

There are currently many sites offering temporary phone numbers to connect to online services. However, you are exposed to a Twitter shadowban if the platform refuses your authentication system. The concern may come from an actor considered fraudulent or associated with automated campaigns.

Your choice then violates the rules of the social network.

Temporary (or disposable) numbers are particularly suitable for users who are concerned about protecting their sensitive data. Match them to virtual inboxes for PIN codes and other online identification solutions. Once you receive the verification message, you can use its content to authenticate yourself and finalize the registration on Twitter.

This type of site usually provides several disposable numbers for all countries. Just click on the code of your choice to discover your options. The number of available lines varies depending on the service provider.

It is also important to check whether the offer is paid or not. Most often, free services do not require registration.

Temporary numbers allow you to bypass SMS identification and protect your personal information. However, they involve additional manipulations every time you need to be authenticated. In particular, you should use this service if your profile has been locked due to a suspicious connection.

Sometimes the platform also performs random security checks requiring the sending of codes by SMS.