How to delete my Twitter account

How do I delete my Twitter account ?

Twitter is a practical and entertaining social network for Internet users who appreciate the concept. However, this formula can quickly tire users who find the limitation too restrictive to 280 characters. The platform has also launched a wide range of new features since its launch.

That said, the basic idea remains the exchange of tweets, incompatible with long arguments.

Why do you want to delete your Twitter account? ?

It is sometimes necessary to delete his twitter account to avoid being exposed to certain information. This initiative may, for example, be motivated by the desire to limit interference on its sports betting in belgium. The same is true for moviegoers wishing to protect themselves from spoilers and leaks.

Indeed, news is transmitted quickly between members with common interests.

Unlike its competitors, Twitter is not often affected by data leaks and privacy issues. Users are therefore confident in terms of the protection and use of personal information. However, this information remains potentially vulnerable on a site open to the general public.

Some malicious code can also target members of the network.

To effectively protect your data, the best solution is to leave social networks and limit online accounts. It is also possible to live without a digital identity to protect against theft of personal information and the risk of’usurpation. On the other hand, the evolution of a person can encourage him to return to comments made on the network.

Regardless of the reasons, Twitter allows its members to deactivate or delete their accounts.

Disabling or deleting your Twitter account: what’s the difference? ?

Deactivation is the first step towards delete his twitter account. It is defined by its temporary and reversible nature. For 30 days, it is possible to reactivate and recover the account by logging in.

The account will, however, be deleted if there is no connection during this period. In this case, the username will no longer return any results on the platform.

There are also alternatives for people who just want to delete old content and other regretful tweets. To do this, the user can go to specific sites such as TweetDelete or TweetEraser. The first allows in particular to delete all publications prior to a given date or containing a keyword.

This solution is really practical for keeping your account, despite thoughtless speeches or adolescent comments.

It is also possible to perform a shadowban on twitter, to discreetly get rid of an unwanted follower. In this way, the targeted person will not notice the changes that have occurred. However, she will stop seeing tweets published in her news feed.

In this case, it will be necessary to launch a search on the network to find the profile and the posts of the author of the shadowban.

Disabling or deleting your Twitter account: what's the difference?

Is it possible to reactivate a Twitter account ?

Even if a user has decided to delete his twitter account, he can still reactivate it during the 30 days following the procedure. This period corresponds to the retention period of the data on the platform’s servers. During this period, simply enter the username and password to reactivate the account.

No other steps are necessary for this recovery.

Once this period has passed, all data relating to the account will be permanently deleted from the social network. Some information may eventually be found on third-party web page archiving sites some time after account deletion. That said, this situation is usually temporary. These services must also respect the right to be forgotten on the internet.

As a result, this data will eventually be erased.

A Twitter account can also be reactivated at any time after a long period of inactivity. Indeed, the social network does not systematically delete inactive accounts to avoid deleting the profile of a deceased person. Relatives or friends of the deceased will thus have the possibility of converting the account into a virtual memorial.

They will only have to use the username of the missing person. Twitter is also willing to help surviving relatives by resetting the password in this case.

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