How to repair your Euresa System projector

How to repair your projector ?

In the professional or personal context, video projectors are used for various reasons. In business, these devices are of great importance during meetings. They are also used in businesses to promote products and services.

In the personal context, video projectors can be used during family reunions or reunions with friends. Considering all these advantages, it is important to’take care of it. Here’s how to repair your video projector in the event of a breakdown.

What if the lamp d’a video projector is broken ?

There are many reasons why a projector can fail. The most common reason is a simple connection problem. Either the socket is not working or the’device n’is not plugged in properly.

However, the projector can also break down due to’overheating or d’a faulty lamp.

The projector lamp is an essential part since’it mainly participates in the projection of images and videos on a screen. When’it is defective, it can cause discoloration of the’projected image. Sometimes the’picture n’is not projected while the’device is on.

Some projector models display a message to notify you when the lamp life is exhausted.

If the’light bulb’a projector is defective or is nearing the end of its life, the best thing to do is to replace it immediately. There are a multitude of projector lamps on the market, for each brand and each projector model. You can entrust the replacement of your projector lamp to a specialist or do it yourself if you have the necessary skills.

How to change the bulb’a video projector ?

Projector lamps are special. Their lifespan depends on the technology that’they embark. For example, a projector lamp with DLP technology has a lifespan of between 2000 and 6000 hours. Laser, LED or hybrid lamps, on the other hand, can reach 20,000 hours before’require a replacement.

Regardless of the lifespan of your projector lamp, it is recommended that you don’t wait for the end of your life before replacing it.

To change the’bulb of your projector, you must follow certain steps. The first step is to remove the hatch that houses the lamp. The location of the hatch depends on projector model that you own. Once the hatch is removed, unscrew the lamp and remove the block.

Then you can install your new lamp block after dusting L’interior of the’device. Make sure to fix the new block properly with the screws previously removed.

The replacement of the lamp’a video projector always ends by resetting the counter. Each projector lamp has’a counter that allows’indicate its duration’use. If you don’t know how reset the counter of your bulb, you can refer to the manual of’use.

It is important to carefully check the model of your projector before purchasing’buy the replacement lamp. If your device is an Epson brand, you should’buy a lamp of the same brand and model. The same is true for the brands Acer, BenQ, Sony, Optoma, etc.

However, there are generic lamps that are compatible with many projector models.

How to Fix an Overheating Projector ?

Like any electronic device, projectors can get hot’they are overworked. The reason of’such overheating cannot be specified since’he can’to act’any malfunction. In general, the overheating problem is related to a fault in the’interview.

It is therefore important to’maintain your device regularly for’improve performance.

In case of overheating, if the problem n’is not immediately resolved, d’other more serious problems may arise. Overheating can eventually cause’appearance of blackheads. To avoid any problem, it is recommended to keep the air filter always clean to make it easier for the fan.

By using the video projector in a more or less dusty environment, the dust s’accumulate in the’device and obliges the fan’device to work a lot more.

To repair the overheating problem, it is also recommended to properly clean the air vents’aeration. Avoid extreme ambient temperature in the room where the projector is used to avoid any overheating problem. If you can’t counterôthe ambient temperature, you can opt for a cooling cushion to regulate the speed of your video projector.

How to do if the projector does not s’don’t turn on ?

If your projector does not’does not turn on, the failure may come from n’anywhere. First, it can’to act’a defect of’feed. In this case, a contrôthe wall socket and an adjustment of the connection will suffice to restore the’device in operation. If the projector does not’still not turn on, do inspect the cord’feed. This cord is usually made up of’an electric cord and’an AC adapter.

Your projector may break down’there is a fault on the’one of the two components.

I’device may also refuse to s’turn on because of the remote control not working. In this case, it is necessary to check the’condition of the batteries and replace them if necessary, but if the problem is not with the batteries, it is likely that the remote control is no longer working and requires replacement.

If the projector does not’still not turn on, it is possible that the problem comes from of the electronic card. Indeed, any malfunction of this component will prevent the machine from starting. In this case, to fix the’device, you must change the electronic module.

Discoloration of’projector image: how to fix it ?

In case of discoloration of the’image displayed by your projector, you can try changing the lamp. This solution is effective in most cases, but n’is not always the right one. You can also change the VGA cable.

In fact, bent pins in this cable can cause this color defect.

In addition, you can also correct the color defect of your projector with simple manipulations. In some cases, discoloration of the’projected image is due to incorrect adjustment of the color and dim settings’lighting. To remedy this, you must use the guide’use of the’device to make sure everything is in order.

If not’is not the case, readjust the parameters as mentioned in the guide and try the projection again.

On the other hand, s’he is not’don’t act’discoloration of’picture, but ratherôt d’a lack of clarity, this may’explain by the distance between the painting and the’device. In case the distance is less than the focusing capability of the projector, it is recommended to’adjust. You can also use the guide’use to check specifications.

I’projected image may also be blurry due to dust that s’accumulated on the’goal of the’device. Improper contrast and brightness settings can also be the sources of this malfunction. In case of’image not very sharp, also adjust brightness and contrast using manual’user.

discolored image projector

No entry n’is recognized by the projector: how to fix it ?

In case of’input not recognized by the projector, the problem may be hardware or software. The first thing to do is to’try to’other entries. For example, you can use your PC to connect to an HDMI or VGA port that you don’t’you don’t have’habit of’to use.

If your projector is on the correct display, this might fix the problem.

The failure can also be linked to a fault in the remote control or buttons on the projector. If it’is the case, it may prevent easy jumping to the right input. It is therefore advisable to test the remote control and replace it if necessary.

In the majority of cases, if no entry’is recognized by the projector, replacement of the d’interface is required.

How to do the’preventive maintenance’a video projector ?

Preventive maintenance allows you to’improve the performance of your projector and’increase its lifespan. For individuals and churches, a bi-annual cleaning schedule is sufficient. For companies and schools that use high brightness video projectors, preventive maintenance involves a good cleaning program and recalibration once in the’year.

I’maintenance must take into account each piece of equipment in the’device.

Clean the projector filter

Whether it is a classic video projector or a mini video projector, it is important to clean the air filter regularly. The air filter helps to retain dust in order to’avoid clogging the mechanical equipment of the’device. It is recommended to clean and replace it every 50-100 hours.

I’filter clogging is usually at the’origin Projector overheating issues.

To clean your projector’s air filter, wait until’it cools down in order to’avoid any risk of burns or’damage the’device. Once the’appliance is cold, remove the filter cover and the removable filter. To remove the dust, you can use a cloth dampened with’mild detergent or’aerosol.

You can also use an air bomb with a manual blower.

Clean the’objective

For which’projected image is bright and of good quality, it is important to regularly clean the’projector lens. The cleaning of the’goal n’does not require great precautions. You can remove the dust with a dry air bomb or with a blower. Whatever’Either way, be very careful when cleaning so that liquid does not leak out’interior of the’bulb or does not settle on the’objective.

If the’lens has small stains, you can use a soft damp microfiber cloth to clean it.

projector lens

Clean the lens

To properly clean the lens’a video projector, you can use a manual blower bulb or a dusting air bomb. Thorough cleaning allows you to get rid of dust particles lying on the surface of the’device. After cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your projector lens. The lens should be cleaned very carefully. So avoid’use a rough cloth or sandpaper.

This could permanently damage the’device and alter the quality of the projections.

Clean the case

To clean the casing of your video projector, you can use a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a damp cloth, but first make sure that the’device n’is not in working order for’avoid any accident. To remove stubborn stains, you can use a neutral PH solution.

During the weekendsœworks, be careful not to damage the connectors of the’device.

Before any maintenance, always make sure that the video projector is not’is not in a smoky space that could affect its operation. If you n’do not use your projector regularly, it is safer to store it in a cool, dry place. Most people unplug the projector directly after each use, this habit is strongly discouraged.

Always use the on/off button to switch the machine on or off, otherwise it may burn out.