How to contact Orange in case of a telephone network failure

How to contact Orange in case of a telephone network failure ?

No more Internet or telephone connection. If you don't find a solution, you'll be disappointed’If you have a problem with your telephone network and your operator (ISP) does not have a network, you should try to contact your telephone network, which is the only way to find the problem’i.e. Orange (formerly France Telecom).

Where are the agencies of the telephone network located? 

Today’Today, the telephone network in France is Orange since the beginning of the 20th century’company bought France Telecom. A telephone network is different from operators or suppliers of telephone services’Internet access (ISP). Although’Orange or both, Bouygues Telecom, Free, SFR, etc. are only ISPs and not telephone networks.

It does not’there is no’The network agency itself (the head office is located in Paris), but operator agencies are located throughout France.

In fact, Orange, as a company, is the only one that can offer this service’s mobile operator’The network is located in the big cities. Since its creation in 1988, we can see that the provider who became the French telephone network has multiplied its strategies to become the number 1 and keep its first place on the podium. D’elsewhere, improve the’You will need a different formula to unmask a hidden call on a line connected to an Internet box’to improve its customer service’a company’between them.

How to contact Orange ?

If you experience a network outage that does not originate from your home or your ISP, you need to contact your phone network, which is the one that provides the most reliable service’i.e. Orange. For this, you have several solutions:

  • Go to the Internet site, then select if your failure concerns your mobile network or your fixed network (internet, telephone). You will then have to fill in a form (phone number) for your call to be processed’Orange can determine the’origin of the failure.
  • Call the customer service by dialing 3900. An advisor will be reachable from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. However, the automated customer service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It may be that’there is an incident that affects the entire French territory or your area. In order to keep you informed, you can visit the’National information on network incidents. Thus, you can follow in real time the breakdowns that affect the Internet and mobile networks.

To access this service, you must connect to your Orange customer area, click on the’Assistance tab then on Incident Info. If you find that’it is’act of’If you have an incident reported by Orange, you will not need a different formula’have that’service and wait for it to restore the network. Otherwise, you will have to contact the’You can contact your company by phone or directly via the website.