Impression of amalgam definition and advice

how and why to make’amalgam printing ?

Amalgam printing is a technique that allows you to combine various print jobs on a single sheet. It uses a rigorous professional layout methodology and requires producing a file that meets specific criteria. What is this printing method? ?

The impression of amalgam: what is it? ?

In professional printing, the amalgam is the grouping of several jobs on the same printing plate. This technique, by compiling the various prints to be made on a single medium, saves considerable time.

Naturally, in order to carry out an amalgam printing, the sponsor must opt for works that have the same technical characteristics: weight, type of paper, and even finishes.

The imposition of printing plates is carried out nowadays via software benefiting from algorithms which calculate all the possible variables according to the available surface and the list of elements to be incorporated therein. Thus, this method limits empty spaces on the printed material, but it is advisable to always work with a printing expert who will carry out a final verification of the print files. For example, the copymage work with latest-generation interfaces, capable of finding the best interweavings that will optimize their customers’ orders.

What are the benefits of amalgam printing ?

I’major advantage of amalgam printing, it’s a waste of time. By consolidating all the work into a single document, the sponsor simplifies his order, saves on printing costs (and can benefit from decreasing prices applicable to large quantity purchases) and the printer can operate more quickly.

Collapsing printing also helps diversify promotional messages. With the same budget, it becomes possible to multiply the visuals of the same advertising campaign, avoiding boredom and repetitions. As such, it is strongly recommended to group the commands:

  • Between the various departments or subsidiaries of your structure.
  • Various communication campaigns to take advantage of all the advantages of amalgam printing.

Amalgam is also an excellent ecological solution since this technique optimizes space by making the most of the surface of a sheet of printed paper.

In practice, amalgam printing is acclaimed by communication professionals to obtain quality prints of their multi-collaborator business cards, sheets of personalized stickers. Indeed, by opting for the right finishes and the appropriate shaping, the amalgam print makes it possible to obtain an article of quality equivalent to a “classic” print.

What are the benefits of amalgam printing?

File for amalgam printing: preparation tips

A file whose purpose is to allow a amalgam print of professional level must include certain technical characteristics. The choice of format, bleed constraints and tax margins require the services of an expert printing consultant.

Your printing partner will be able to take charge of the imposition of the files by simplifying your procedures: all you have to do is send him the separate documents, which he will take care of combining, which represents for the activities of a company a saving of considerable time and money.

Build-up printing is ideal for business needs for high-quality communication media printing. Economical, ecological and fast, it is the solution acclaimed by professionals.