What are the limits of distance training the modern geek

What are the limits of distance learning ?

Distance learning has experienced an exponential development since the COVVI-19 crisis. On the announcement of the first confinement in France in March 2020, requests relating to this type of education experienced an increase of 30 %. Previously, they totaled 10 %, against 90 % for face -to -face sessions. Distance learning has advantages and disadvantages. These are analyzed below.

What are the advantages of’distance learning ?

There distance training designates the mode of learning taking place outside a school establishment and characterized by thephysical absence of teachers. It is possible to access it from any place. The implementation of this device requires several specific tools, including:

  • Communication tools;
  • File sharing tools;
  • Videoconferencing tools.

Distance learning offers significant advantages. It first allows you to work while continuing studies. This is a great way for the learner to familiarize himself with the world of work before setting up his start-up.

Distance learning can also be envisaged by an employee who targets a higher position or a retraining.

Furthermore, this form of teaching has no impact on the validity of the diploma. Examinations made by learners who take distance training are validated by national education.

It should also be noted that it is possible to find a Wide choice of distance training. This device is indeed compatible with a large number of sectors. It is for example possible to benefit from distance learning in order to obtain a job in the marketing sector.

This solution can also be retained to learn the catering, secretarial, accounting or IT professions.

In addition, distance learning is an option economic. In particular, it reduces travel costs. Sometimes it can also lower expenses related to housing and food.

Yes but … distance learning also has its limits

Distance learning does not only have advantages. This learning mode also has several disadvantages. As it is done most of the time online, it is necessary toInvest in adequate equipment (computer, webcam, videoconferencing software, etc.) and in a High speed internet connection.

This is one of the main Bounds of distance learning.

Since this device provides a lot of freedom, learners can be tempted to procrastinate. However, this bad habit may considerably increase their workload. It is even susceptible tofail.

Several learners who have used distance learning report that they did not benefit from good educational support. When they needed advice, some have hesitant to ask, Because they feared disturbing their teachers by contacting them on the phone or sending them an email. They would have preferred that they had them framed more efficiently.

Others regret the lack of responsiveness of their teachers. Indeed, they had to wait one to three weeks to receive the corrected of a duty.

I’absence of human contact also among the Bounds of distance learning. It is very likely that the isolated learner feels abandoned. This situation can lead to him a drop in motivation.

It is even possible that it leads to the abandonment of online courses.

Yes, but. distance learning also has its limits

I’interest of training in face -to -face also in the computer field

THE lack of organization is one of the main Bounds of distance learning. By constantly handing over his revisions overnight, the learner shortly runs to failure. Reconcile online and face -to -face courses represents an excellent solution to avoid such a situation.

This learning mode, called telepreted training, particularly suitable for IT students, Because these need quality educational monitoring. It presents the advantages of distance learning while eliminating its disadvantages. Focused on humans, the teleprepresentative ensures the assimilation of knowledge and their reuse by learners.

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