Professional loan for the creation

Professional loan to business creation

By default, banks are reluctant to grant loans to limit their level of exposure to the financial level. Credits are nevertheless among the main sources of income for these actors. As a result, banking establishments remain privileged interlocutors for obtain funding.

They only need to be reassured in relation to the profitability of your business creation project.

What is a professional loan to business creation ?

The search for financing is generally problematic for entrepreneurial project leaders. Many options are nevertheless accessible, like the professional loan for business creation. This is a credit for activity creators and companies being constituted.

You can also use this solution for a resumption of activity.

Professional credit can be requested by an entity or auto entrepreneur carrying out a craft, commercial, agricultural or liberal activity. In principle, the sector of activity has no impact on the allocation of this type of loan. Banks focus mainly on your profile and the potential of your project.

In practice, potential funders often exclude markets considered saturated.

During the start -up phase, the professional loan makes it possible to complete the personal contribution of the business manager or the partners. Among other things, it may be used to acquire production tools or provide for your cash needs. Depending on your situation, different types of loans are possible.

You can for example use depreciable credit, leasing or factoring.

Factoring is a form of financing little known to entrepreneurs. However, this system makes it possible to effectively fill the cash flow of a new activity. It consists in giving your invoices to a third party, in this case the bank.

The latter will take care of paying your short -term debts while waiting for customer payments.

What is a professional loan to creating a business?

How to get a professional loan ?</

You must fulfill certain conditions for Obtain a professional loan to business creation. Your establishment must above all be in the middle of starting. In addition, you are not supposed to have asked for other credits of more than two years. Your financing plan must also be less than 45,000 euros.

In addition to these rules, each bank applies its own criteria to grant or not the loans.

Concretely, financial institutions are mainly based on profitable activities and promising concepts. You must provide documents justifying the request for credit, proving your reliability and showing the viability of the project. In particular, it will be necessary to include in your file:

  • A CNI (national identity card) or other identity document;
  • A business plan;
  • A financing plan;
  • Proof of address ;
  • Recent bank statements;
  • Guarantees for the loan (personal contribution, deposit, heritage, etc.);
  • From the company identifiers to the official registers (Kbis, Siren, NIF, etc.).

Your loan request is essentially used to arouse interest and gain the trust of the bank. Therefore, you must prepare well and write your business plan. It makes it possible to assess the relevance and profitability potential of the project.

If it is attractive enough, you will have to spend an interview or present your future company before a committee. You already have a guide to argue with a solid business plan.

How to get it?

What can we finance with a professional loan ?

Basically, professional credit is intended for finance the creation, operation and development of a business. You can therefore use this solution to create, resume or extend an activity. On the other hand, the Professional Loan for Creation Company mainly targets the start -up phase.

It thus provides specific measures to facilitate the realization of an entrepreneurial project.

Most often, the amounts offered are relatively low, in the order of 2,000 to 7,000 euros. These thresholds limit financial risks and guarantee requirements. The procedure is also reduced to accelerate the realization of the projects of business creators.

Therefore, credit helps to cover urgent needs, particularly in terms of working funds.

In general, the funds requested can be used to finance your material, intangible, real estate and cash needs. They will allow you to acquire for example:

  • Professional premises;
  • Storage spaces;
  • Cars ;
  • IT equipment;
  • Office furniture;
  • Licenses;
  • Patents, etc.

In short, the professional loan can be used for any investment necessary for the company.