Freebox Step 3 How to unlock it

Freebox Step 3: How to unlock it ?

On a freebox, step 3 corresponds to the initialization of connection with the servers of the Internet access provider. The modem awaits a first response from remote computers before continuing the start -up process. If it cannot establish the connection, the device will remain blocked on this step.

You therefore need to determine the origin of this problem to be able to remedy it.

Why my freebox is blocked in step 3 ?

When it turns on, a freebox proceeds in stages to control the components and launch the services. Step 1 consists in particular in checking the proper functioning of the on -board elements. Step 2 corresponds, for its part, in search of a signal before the connection of the connection.

However, the device can sometimes block on this third step, when installing or starting.

The blocking in step 3 means that the modem has found a signal, but cannot communicate with the remote servers. If you have recently installed your box, the problem is likely to come from connecting or configuration errors. These avenues are also to be favored after resettlement of equipment, the software update or the modification of parameters.

If you have just subscribed, it is also possible that your line has not yet been activated by the operator. Activation is done after the reception and installation of the equipment (box and decoder). In addition, the treatment time for subscription may vary depending on the period of the year and the organization of the FAI.

Finally, the failure of the connection can also be caused by case failure.

Freebox Step 3: How to unlock the situation ?

The release of step 3 fundamentally depends on the origin of the malfunction. You must therefore proceed methodically and test by one the solutions corresponding to the probable causes of the problem. Concretely, you must above all check the condition and connections of your equipment.

Poorly inserted cables actually lead to the failure of the connection, or even the absence of a signal. Also eliminate any extensions and multi -power from your installation.

Then do not hesitate to connect a box borrowed on your line. You can then check the presence of a signal and the possibility of connecting to the network. The concern comes from the operator, if the other box does not detect any signal or does not obtain a response from the remote computers.

In this case, the modem can remain in phase 2 or 4. With the freebox blockage step 4, the connection has been established, but the equipment receives no information from servers.

Once the other tracks have been discarded, the reset of the box represents an interesting option to establish the connection. This method makes it possible to cancel, among other things, the consequences of adjustment and update errors. Besides, the box cannot function properly after an unfinished or corrupt download. The internal software must indeed be complete to be operational.

Nevertheless, you can solve this problem by resetting the modem.

Reset the Freebox

Resetting a freebox is a simple operation that does not require any particular skill. In addition, it can be made directly on the device using a dedicated button or an option in the menu. The Reset function is also accessible online, from the Mafreebox platform.

In any case, the procedure comes down to some elementary manipulations.

Sometimes even the restart is enough to settle certain concerns appearing when initializing the device. It is therefore preferable to start with this technique before restoring the factory settings of your case. To do this :

  • Use the power buttons to turn off the box and the TV decoder;
  • Disconnect the cables, then wait five to ten minutes;
  • Reconnect all your equipment correctly;
  • Light each device.

If the box remains blocked in step 3, you can reset your equipment. The procedure is similar to restarting the device, for physical intervention. By turning on the modem, you will only have to press a directional key to choose between different start -up types (normal, rescue and factory setting).

Then just select the factory parameter option.

For the online method, you must go to the operator platform and connect using your identifiers. You will be able to access the Home Interface of the Freebox OS. On this screen, click Freebox settings, then on simplified mode.

Finally, press Reset the Freebox and restart the Freebox in factory mode.

Check your Freebox server

To check the condition of your Freebox server, the simplest solution is to connect it to the line of another subscriber. It can be a neighbor, a loved one, a knowledge … In any case, you must make sure beforehand that the network is working properly with the housing of the approached person. Your equipment is defective, if it remains blocked, while the box of your interlocutor can establish a connection on your line.

On the other hand, you can check your server from the Freebox Connect application or the Freebox OS web platform. However, it will be necessary to use your subscribers to access these services. In addition, these solutions mainly concern the lines already activated, on which the box can no longer connect. If you have just joined the Free Network, you should rather check the state of the line activation.

This information is in the subscriber space, in the order followed section.

My freebox is still in step 3

You need technical assistance if your box stays in step 3, despite the checks and resetting the device. Free technicians can in particular be contacted:

  • By phone through customer service to 3244 on a free line or 33 1 78 56 95 60, if you call from abroad;
  • Online, via the form available on the operator’s main site;
  • On social networks, through the official ISP accounts;
  • In a Free store near your home.

In general, you can quickly solve the problem by going to a free center with your box. The team will then diagnose your equipment on site. Thereafter, the device will be replaced, if it is defective.

You can also save time by immediately detailing the solutions already tried with customer service. Thus, you will be immediately redirected to the technical service.