How to choose your Euresa System payment terminal

How to choose your payment terminal ?

The rental or the’The purchase of Eftpos terminals is generally done with traditional banks. Today’s needs’Other solutions are possible that allow merchants to maintain their battery’see new perspectives more in line with current needs.

In today’s world, the means of payment in companies are not always the same’It is obvious that to charge your smartphone, it is not necessary to use a credit card’Use on payment terminals. What you need’You don’t necessarily know as a customer that it is compatible with your device’It is that’a cb payment terminal represents a significant cost in your budget’A payment terminal is a device that allows a company to satisfy its customers and facilitate the payment of their transactions. How a credit card terminal actually works ? C’This is what we suggest you discover.

An electronic payment terminal is a’What is it exactly ?

An electronic payment terminal, also known as a “mobile phone”, is a good choice’A payment terminal, also known as tpe payment or tpe bank card, is a bank card reader that allows customers to access their credit cards’a business of s’acquit of’a payment via a bank card without the need to pay for their purchases in cash. For this, it is nevertheless necessary to enter your PIN code to pay the merchant. Sometimes, this terminal cb, allows to s’pay by simply touching the card to the terminal.

How to get a payment terminal ?

It is important to know that’There are two ways to get a payment terminal:

  1. Leasing
  2. L’purchase

According to its mode of operation’and use of the terminal frequency of transactions, the merchant has a personal reflection to bring that must guide him on his final choice. Generally, the’The use of rental is rather recommended to merchants who carry out a large number of transactions and who need to have devices at the cutting edge of the latest technologies as when the payment is to be made from the Internet’How to make a payment via a cell phone. The rental is sometimes based on a specific case, such as when the merchant opens a temporary store or when he has to pay for the use of the terminal’it needs TPE for a s a good idea’temporary activity.

How much does a payment terminal cost ?

It will not’It is not easy to determine the price of a payment terminal’It is not easy to determine the price of a payment terminal, because as we said before, it is not always easy’indicate It will depend on your choice that will favor the’purchase or rental of the Eftpos terminal. It is estimated that the amount to be paid via a credit card is’The purchase price is between 100 € and 700 € depending on whether the model is new or used’Occasionally and depending on the options that’it offers (international payments, AMEX, contactless…). For a rental, it is estimated that l’The subscription fee is between 20 € and 100 € per month, always depending on the options subscribed and the quality of the hardware.

To get the equipment, most companies use their banks, which will receive commissions on each transaction via a percentage that will have been negotiated with them beforehand. The amounts vary from’a bank at the’other according to the choice of TPE.

How much does a payment terminal cost?

What alternative to traditional banks and why ?

Traditional banks monopolize the POS market. However, there are alternatives. To find the right solution for your business, it is recommended that you check with’a supplier of TPE as indicated YAVIN. YAVIN is a company that offers a credible alternative to traditional banks and for several reasons: